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Yamamichi Karate Turku

practical karate in turku, Finland


Welcome to train karate in our energetic club in Turku!

We organize karate classes for adults and children.

You get individual coaching during every lesson.


Come and try! The first week is free of charge.



  • OPENING PARTY OF THE NEW DOJO on Sunday 8.1.2023 starting at 12:00. You can try mini sessions of karate for adults and children for free and without reservation. In addition to karate, ou can also try jujutsu, escrima and tai chi provided by our partner Reigando Budo. Schedule for mini classes:
    • 12:00 event begins

    • 12:30 karate adults

    • 13:00 karate juniors

    • 13:30 jujutsu juniors

    • 14:00 jujutsu adults

    • 14:30 escrima adults

    • 15:00 tai chi

    • 16:00 event ends


  • Christman break Fri 23.12.2022 - Sat 6.1.202


  • The next beginner's class for adults (over 15 years) will start on Tuesday 10.1.2023.


  • For the juniors (6-14 years), the beginner's class will start on Wednesday 11.1.2023. 


  • New payment options for adults: ePassi, Smartum and Edenred!