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Tai chi chi kung

tai chi chi kung morning exercise

Waking up your body is a pleasant way to start your day. Blood circulates better and you feel more energetic. In 45 minutes we will go through 10 different Chi kung exercises. Pace will be very light but there is a slight chance for a little bit of sweat – maybe. If there is time left in the end, we will also go through some Tai Chi pushing hands exercises. Everything is meant to be done lightly enough for you to be able to continue work or other activities straight from the session.


Chi kung exercises are very simple and you do not need any previous experience. You only need the will to wake you body up in the morning before working. Some of the movements come slightly modified from Wudang Tai Chi, some come from Beijing university’s Chi Kung excercises and some come from Pa Tuan Chin exercises.


Tai chi morning exercise will start in January 2024.


Questions: Jyri Luoma, jyrick(at)xmail.fi