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schedule and prices

Schedule for adults, spring 2024


  • Monday: 18:30-20:00 yellow belts and upper
  • Tuesday: 17:30-18:30 beginners, 18:30-19:30 yellow belts and upper
  • Thursday: 18:00-19:00 beginners, 19:00-20:00 yellow belts and upper
  • Saturday: 10:00-12:00 free training time


Summer schedule 10.6. - 11.8.2024


  • Tuesday: 17:30-18:30 and 18:30-19:30 

  • Wednesday: 18:00-19:30

  • Thursday: 18:00-19:00 and 19:00-20:00 


Prices for adults


  • Beginner's course 140 € (the first week is free of charge)


  • 1 month 55 €

  • 3 months 140 €

  • 6 months 255 €

  • 12 months 400 €

  • One lesson 15 €
  • 10 lessons 120 €


Payment options

You can pay by card or if you wish, we can send you an invoice in e-mail. Please note that we do not accept cash. 

We accept also ePassi, Smartum and Edenred.


Schedule for juniors (6-14 years), spring 2024


  • Monday: 17:30-18:30 yellow belts and upper
  • Wednesday: 17:30-18:30 beginners, 18:30-19:30 yellow belts and upper


Prices for juniors


  • Price for one season (spring or autumn) 150 €.
  • Beginners' course for juniors 150 € (the first week is free of charge)


Payment options

You can pay by card or if you wish, we can send you an invoice in e-mail. Please note that we do not accept cash. 


Belt tests and their prices


  • Yellow belt for adults and juniors is performed in a single test on an agreed date.

  • Junior color belts are performed in parts. Juniors demonstrate their belt techniques on the last Wednesday of each month during the regular training session at 18:30-19:30.

  • Adults perform their graduation all at once or in parts (orange, green, blue, and brown belts). Before graduation examination, techniques must be at accetable level. Personal development is followed during regular training sessions. Graduation opportunity is given four times each year. See the dates of the next graduation opportunities on the main page.

  • The price of the belt test for juniors and adults is 22 €. The price includes the grading fee, diploma, and a new belt.

  • Black belt tests are agreed together with a participant, instructor, and the WCA head instructor.


Training equipment


After the beginners' class, we train in a karate gi. Other personal equipment that we use regularly are mouth guard and MMA gloves. You can purchase your gi and equipment via us or elsewhere. We are happy to guide you to select your training gear. 


You can buy the following equipment from us:

  • Karate gi with Yamamichi badge, price for juniors 36 € - 56 € depending on the size, and for adults 83 € - 96 €.  Ask the price of your size.
  • Venum MMA gloves 50 €
  • Venum shin guards 25 €
  • Mouthguard 6 €


Schedule for all martial arts at Yamamichi


In addition to karate, Reigando Budo has courses in Gansuiryu jujutsu, escrima and tai chi at Yamamichi. 

There is also possibilty to train historical Spanish fencing Verdadera Destreza. 


Below you can see all the martial arts you can practice at Yamamichi.

Yamamichi schedule